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Travel is a big part of what i do and it's always made possible by the couples who hire me and trust mne to come a large or small distance to shoot their story.
Travel is expensive and is made possible by sites such as Wotif where you can receive wicked deals on hotels and accomodation + travel bundles. if you click and book your travel through this link here It will help me and support my travels for weddings and general content, PLUS you'll receive access to great deals on

Light City Creative was created for one purpose and with one thing in mind, a city on a hill cannot be hidden. We wanted to be different from the get go, something that stands out above the rest. With today’s technology this is more true than ever, anyone can take a good photo, Iphones are incredible pieces of technology, but for us we want it to be more about the experience than the images.

For me it's simple, I love to tell a story and I love to do that the best way I can, whether thats for your Adventure session, Wedding, Family Adventure or commercial work, there's a story to be told in there somewhere and I'll give it my my bets shot to tell it in the most creative way possible. 



{The basic story is as mentioned before Im addicted to telling stories and being creative, and the current and favourite form of that for me is through taking photos to capture emotions and moments.}

- I'm an avid dancer (not a great one) I will most likely be dancing with you on your wedding

- I drink way to much coffee, but i also Like red wine and craft beers, i'd love to catch up over one of the aforementioned beverages

-  I'm crazy influenced and into music, playing a whole bunch of instruments, and there will most likely be some for of music involved in any kind of photo or video shoot I'm working on. I hope you like the classics!

- I also am an avid supporter of Boots, {I probably own too many} Party Shirts, {my flamingo one goes down as a favourite} denim jackets, {I literally own six} and finally hats {my favourite being that from a wicked company Will and Bear}

- Lastly but definitely not the least, I'm a passionate educator and have desire to teach and inspire others in their creativity through a community that I'm building on social media and youtube I'd love it if you could check it out! 



Thom is absolutely amazing! From our very first meeting with him, we knew he would become a friend for life. On Saturday Thom shot our engagement photos for our save the dates and they are absolutely breathtaking! Thom doesn’t just capture a moment in time, but instead who you are as a couple and reflects this in his work!
— Beckky
INCREDIBLE! Thom from LCC travelled to sunny North Queensland for my wedding recently, and we could not be more thrilled with our photos! He was so much fun to work with, the bridal party absolutely loved the games and there were a lot of laughs along the way! We also have recently received our photos and they are divine! They are natural and captured the joy of the whole day! I could not recommend them more highly!!
— Elise
THOM IS A PHOTOGRAPHY/ VIDEOGRAPHY WIZARD! We can’t thank Thom enough for the amazing video he has made for our wedding day! He captured our day beautifully and just how we remembered it! From our first meeting with Thom we knew he was the one ;) we have now worked with Thom on numerous projects in a commercial setting because he’s just to good!
— Maryanne
Thom’s passion and love for his art really shines through. He is now apart of our families forever. Beautiful work !!


What Gear Do you Use?

Gear to us is not the important part of what we do, we believe all camera systems do the same job, to us it's more about the person behind the camera and how we work than the gear.

That being said we use Canon gear, Canon 5D mkiii's and Canon 6D's accompanied by the best lenses for your day. Top of the line quality L lenses with a variety of focal lengths that allow us to not have to interrupt your ceremony or anything important.

Will you come to Canada to shoot my wedding?

'Is the Pope Catholic?’ is a question my grandfather always answered obvious questions with. We are currently based out of Orange NSW but have shot, in the Hunter Valley, South Coast, Parkes and Sydney, Townsville, Melbourne and All over Australia! But I will travel anywhere in the world, you name it and I’ll be there! travel fees, may occur, enquire for more information.

Will you make us awkwardly pose?

We pride ourselves in our ability to naturally make your photos easy and fun. There’s nothing we dislike more than awkward smiling photos because everyone is afraid of the tall guy with the camera. Part of our ability to get natural reactions comes from engagement shoots and meeting you as a couple before hand, which is why we push to be able to meet over a co ee or drink.

Do we Have to Buy an Album?

Simple answer, no. But when you see how exquisite these albums are and the quality they uphold we garauntee you’ll want one to show to all your house guests. 

What do we Wear on our Engagement Shoot?

We have all the areas covered you need help with. We'll send you through a guidelines on what works best for photos. But note this * THESE ARE GUIDELINES ONLY* the truth is your engagement shoot is meant to reflect you as a couple and individuals, so wear what you love, wear whats comfy and suits you.

Sunset is during our reception what do we do?

Sunset is gorgeous and can make for some of the nicest photos for your wedding day. As photographers and videographers, we froth over this time of day and will do our best to work with you shooting at that point. We dont want you to miss the important stuff of your reception so if sunset falls during your reception and its simply epic and we can't miss is, we may pull you away for max 15 minutes, but only if you want to. It's your day and we want the best for you either way.