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Adam & Khiara are two of the most loving, caring and kind hearted people we’ve ever met. I (Thom) worked with Khiara for many years at McDonalds, and only knew Adam through that and a mutual friend. As paths intertwined our friendship grew a bit and we all got to know each other more and more, and the more I learnt about Adam and Khiara, the more I loved them. Their kind hearted nature is what draws them together, the love they have for one another is only out shadowed by the love they both share for children.

One example of this that I know impacted us was the story of Alan Ryan, a young boy battling with cancer, now we do not know the full story, but we were moved at the knowledge of Adam and Khiara’s love for a young boy, beyond personal looks, appearance and opinions. Adam and Khiara shared some wonderful times with Alan, Khiara shaved her head as a fundraisers to support the Ryan family, and as a couple, they showed so much support for a young boy and a family that needed it so dearly.

As our paths drifted in separate ways, we still kept in contact through Facebook, at which I (Thom) finally saw, they were engaged. This was a long time coming so I was very excited about this news, it wasn't until ironically in McDonalds, where I worked, I crossed paths with Adam and Khiara having a ‘romantic’ dinner, that I passed my congratulations on, as well as a slight last minute thought; ‘if you need a photographer let me know.’ Well a photographer they needed and let me know they did, Adam and Khiara were the first couple I booked under my own business Light City Creative, and boy was it an experience, from finding rates, and information to nerves of meeting with a couple the first time. But none the less, as our motto states, they Took a Risk, and that's why we love them, but more importantly that’s why I wanted to give my all into capturing their special day. Now I feel blessed that they saw a young boy like myself, (I was 20 so not really a boy) and saw potential in my work, enough to trust me with something as special as their wedding day. Now yes, before their wedding we did book other weddings and shoot alongside other companies, but Adam and Khiara’s wedding will be by far the most special wedding to me personally. We loved capturing the day, full of such fun and joy, so many children and babies, and a love that has waited some time for this day, but was worth the wait.


Thank you Adam and Khiara and we wish you all the best, thank you for choosing us to be a part of your special day, and we hope what we captured will last a lifetime of memories.

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Take a Risk. Create a Dream.

Venue: BoxGrove

Dress: Leanne Hamilton Couture

Flowers: Stoney Creek Wildflowers

Suits: Blowes Menswear

Cake: Nikki's Creations Bathurst

Photos & Video: Light City Creative

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