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Wow, what a wedding. 

I (Thom) went into this wedding desiring to change the way I shot, the way I usually worked, I wanted to challenge myself and think outside the box creatively, and I was stoked on how it turned out from that. BNut this wedding wasn't all smiles.

After missing footage and SD Cards, that were returned after we'd edited the first copy, there were points where we freaked out, worried this would be the end of the business. However, Nicole and Joel being so gracious were not worried. Being such a lovely couple in love with each other, surrounded and supported by friends, had the time of their life on their wedding day and were not worried about the missing footage. Long story short the footage was recovered and this film was created.


Nicole and Joel had a day that will as perfect, a lovely outdoors ceremony with great locations for some shots, and an absolutely crazy reception at the lovely Tonic in Milthorpe. Their friends were a group that genuinely loved each other, the company they were in and the fact that Nicole and Joel were finally married. The atmosphere at their reception was electric with love and excitement but also filled with family.

Nicole coming from a large Colombian family, it was touching to see her grandparents over from Columbia for their wedding and the whole family enjoying such a special day.

Nicole and Joel, thank you for allowing us to be apart of your special day, thankyou for you being so kind and understanding in the mishap between footage disappearance, but most of all thank you for loving each other in such a strong and passionate way. We wish you all the best in your future together.


Take a look at a few of the shots we got throughout the day below, and their Highlights film!

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Ascension by Jordan Critz

Silver Lining by LIGHTS & MOTION

Liscenced through Musicbed

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