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Jayden and Elise, are two of the kindest hearted, loving and fun people you will ever meet. Their genuine love for everyone they meet and know is something to be desired in this world.Not only that but as fore mentioned in an Instagram Post we put up, Jayden is the definition of a true gentleman, someone who holds the door for his wife, someone who pulls out her chair for her before she sits down and countless other things that continue to show that chivalry is not dead.

Thom took a trip consisting of early drives and flights from a freezing Orange NSW all the way to Townsville QLD, what a sacrifice. But When he was exploring the town and finding his way around all the locations for this stunning wedding he was blown away, I mean how hard is it to take beautiful photos when the ceremony is on the edge of the water with Magnetic Island as the stunning backdrop.

The day was so special, Jaydenโ€™s Grandfather had a fall the morning of the wedding and was unable to attend the wedding and pray over their new marriage, but that didn't stop him, after an emotional prayer via phone call that brought Thom and the remainder of the congregation to tears, we didnโ€™t stop there, paying a visit in hospital on the way to the photos at the show.

We urge our couples to understand marriage is a special thing and if you have to take some time out of your day for something special like seeing your grandfather, always, always take that opportunity.

Alas we headed on to the Townsville show where we took some super fun photos, after seeing some photos Thom had taken for a fashion design blog and the Townsville show being on the weekend of their wedding, there was definitely no choice, and it was worth it, however the looks we received from passers by were definitely amusing.

Townsville you surprised us, thank you to Jayden and Elise for the opportunity to be apart of your special Day all the way in Sunny Townsville. And to all the stunning people we met up there, you all are now apart of the Light City Creative Family!

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Venue: The Brewery Townsville